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About us

Robert Bax & Associates has represented the local community in all areas of law for over 40 years. Located in Clayfield, the firm prides itself on a fully transparent approach,  to not over-service and provide the up-most value.


Putting your needs front and centre

  • We keep it practical and focus on your priorities

  • We don’t over-service, don’t over-think and we’ll keep you in control

  • We’ll give you no-nonsense advice about what can and can’t be achieved

  • Our work is focused on making a positive impact to our client’s situation

  • We’re persistent, determined and tenacious



How we charge for our services

When it comes to fees, we know clients don’t like unpleasant surprises. We take a direct, up-front approach to manage costs. For all work other than our initial consultations, we charge fees by either a fixed-fee quote or based on hourly rates.

We develop a ‘best-value’ scope for your priorities

We don’t over scope or over-service

We will help you identify ways to save money

We help you control your legal spend

We don’t spend your money without approval

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Fixed fees may be suitable: 



Applications for divorce
Drink driving



Work licence applications

We first discuss whether your matter is suitable for a fixed fee arrangement during our initial consultation. 

If a fixed fee service is not suitable, the hourly rate charged on your matter depends on the practitioner doing the work for you. 

Before we begin acting for you, we will send you our Client Services Agreement and Cost Disclosure Notice. This document sets out clearly how our fees are charged and your likely legal fees.

In some cases, we may also be able to act on a deferred fee basis (where your legal fees are paid at the conclusion of the matter).


However, this is assessed on a case by case basis, generally during the initial consultation. In other cases, we may require a minimum running balance to be held on your behalf in our Trust Account in anticipation of your likely legal fees.


Regrettably, we do not undertake work on the basis of a grant of Legal Aid.

Supporting our community

Robert Bax & Associates are proud to be a premier sponsor of Norths Devils Rugby League Football Club and Valleys Diehards Rugby League Football Club.

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