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Family Law

Robert Bax & Associates has extensive knowledge in several areas of family law. We also know it can often be stressful to engage with a solicitor. That's why we keep you informed each step of the way, so you're never in the dark.

How we can help

Property Settlement
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Property Settlement

If you have, or are thinking about, separating from your partner or spouse, then it is important to understand how the law applies to your personal circumstances. This empowers you to negotiate division of your assets and superannuation with your spouse. It also means that, if you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement, you have a sound understanding of what issues the Court will and will not concern themselves with.

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Applying for a divorce is a relatively simple process, provided you and your former spouse have been separated at least 12 months and one of you is an Australian citizen or have lived in Australia for the last 12 months.

Child Support
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Child Support

Parents are financially responsible to support their children. Even upon separation, this obligation continues. Whilst there are mandatory obligations, parents also have options to reach an agreement about how the children are to be financially supported outside of the statutory obligations that exist.  


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Child & Parent Arrangemets
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Children & Parenting Arrangements

Parenting matters are particularly sensitive and, despite most people having a genuine desire to implement arrangements that are in a child’s best interests, parties often have conflicting views of what that is, or how the law determines a child’s best interests.  

Spousal Mantenance
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Spousal maintenance is money paid by a spouse (including de facto spouse) to their former spouse. It occurs in circumstances where the former partner or spouse is unable to adequately support themselves.

Financial Agreements
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Financial Agreements

The law allows for couples to enter into agreements which set out how, in the event their relationship ends, their assets are to be divided between them. These agreements are formally known as “Binding Financial Agreements” but are more commonly referred to as “Financial Agreements” or “BFA’s”.


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